3.45 Drill



The 3.45 Drill is a test of high level performance with a pistol. It’s shot on a target consisting of three 3” circles. The drill consists of four strings of fire shot at 5 yards. All four strings are shot from the holster with a 3.45 second par time. If drawing from concealment or a level three security holster an additional .25 of a second is allowed per draw. If reloading from concealment or retention top magazine pouches, an additional .25 of a second is allowed for the reload.

In order to pass the drill, all four strings must be shot back to back in this order:

  1. Recoil Control: Draw and fire 5 rounds onto the center circle
  2. Transitions: Draw and fire 1-1-1-1-1-1 alternating on the outside circles. (6 shots total, 3 per circle)
  3. Reload: Draw and fire 1, reload and fire 1 onto the outside circles. (2 total, 1 per circle)
  4. SHO/WHO: Draw and fire 1 strong hand only onto either of the outside circles, switch hands then fire 1 support/weak hand only onto the remaining outside circle.

A successful run on the drill results in 5 hits per circle. Line breaks are acceptable as long as the grease ring touches the line. The drill must be shot in my presence to receive the 3.45 Skill Card Patch.

See the video below for an explanation and demonstration of the drill. 


This video shows a clean run from concealment 

Here is a detailed video breakdown of important points to focus on to help you pass the challenge.

The target can be downloaded for practice by clicking on the picture of it below.


Skill Card Patch Holders:

00. Matthew Little     02APR21   @greybeard_actual

01. Tim Herron         10JUN21  @timherronshooting

02. Robert Vogel       23JUN21  @robert.g.vogel 

03. Riley Bowman     24JUN21  @rileyconcealedcarry 

04. Angela Little        02JUL21  @vixen_actual

05. Chris Long          28SEP21  @cannon762

06.  Jarred Howell     29SEP21  @sithshooter

07.  Rowdy Bricco     24NOV21  @rrrrowdy

08. Matt Pranka        08MAY22  

09. Luther Eta          06SEP22  @imda.pappy

10. Eric Kamps         14NOV22  @eric88171

11. Isaac Lockwood  24NOV22  @shooting_training_competing

12. Brett Thomas      31JAN23   @brett_thomas1517

13. Antonio Lovato    15APR23   

14. David Howard     16JUN23

15. Duncan Gill         16JUN23 

16. Matt Rakestraw   30JUN23  @gunpowderandpaper

17. Caleb Giddings    07NOV23. @radicaleb

18. AJ Zito                17DEC23  @practical_performance_org