GreyBeard Actual is proud to be sponsored by Lone Star Armory. They build incredibly accurate high end ARs and PCCs right here in Texas.


We use Practical Performance for all of our 2011 and 1911 gunsmith needs. His custom work is without peer.


We use Hunters Gold HD for all of our eye protection. The clarity of their lenses is by far the best we have ever seen.


Thanks to a partnership with Stand 1 Armory, GreyBeard Actual can now provide the highest quality class ammo for purchase.


The first-person view video from AimCam is invaluable for collecting data on your training and performance.Use code GBA10 at checkout for 10% off.

GreyBeard Actual has partnered with the Tactical Shooting Pro Shop. We will be working together to bring you a “one stop shop” for your kit needs.


I use the Ace Xr Virtual Reality shooting simulator in my dry fire training regimen. it’s the next best thing to live fire. Use code “GreyBeard” at checkout for a free month off.


We use the dryfire Videos from Dryfire King extensively in our training and recommend them to anyone who’s serious about their practice.


We use LAS Concealment for all of our holsters and magazine pouches, both concealed and overt. Use code “GBA10” at checkout for 10% off.




We use Vulcan Machine Works for any cerakoting, porting, or machining we need. Precision, professional work backed with solid engineering.


Bell Performance Therapy has an excellent wholistic fitness and health program for tactical athletes.


Ten Thousand makes the highest quality athletic and tactical clothing. I wear their products regularly for both the range and the gym.


Angela uses Vakandi Apparel for all of her leggings, shorts, and skirts for training, teaching, and competition as well as daily wear.