The Way is in Training

This is a book on shooting and tactics, but it’s not just another book on basic shooting principles, rudimentary tactics, or fundamental weapons manipulations. I plan on exploring how warriors should train and fight, as well as how they should live. We will talk about technique, but will also dive deep into fitness, mindset and strategy. We will explore leadership and philosophy as well. So, whether you are a young soldier, a veteran police officer, a responsible armed citizen, or simply someone looking for an authentic life, let’s examine how the lessons of combat and preparation for it can help us fulfill our potential. Let’s explore the way together, and learn how the discipline of training can show us our true selves amidst the chaos of life.

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“I highly recommend this book. Matt is one of the very few people I know who is a proven high level shooter while also having an extensive amount of real life combat experience. He has devoted his life to these topics and there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned from his writings here.”

-Robert Vogel, former SWAT officer and multiple time national and world champion shooter.

“This book was everything I thought it would be and then it exceeded that. When you read the author’s background it begins to make sense. It’s not very often you run across an author who is a Modern-Day Renaissance Man that is also a Black Belt Martial Artist, SWAT-Police Officer, who has traveled the world, fought in wars as a Green Beret, spent time as Overseas Defense Contractor, is ranked as a Master Class shooting competitor and a firearms instructor who writes a book on training and tactics.

This book is a genuine how-to manual, a textbook, on what it means to be a Green Beret, SWAT cop or responsibly armed citizen and how they are supposed to train themselves. It is also a code of conduct, and discusses fitness, mindset, philosophy and strategy. This book is more than the author’s training method, though it is that. It is also inspiring and powerful. It is chalked full of wisdom, inspiration and helpful advice.”

-Mike Green, US Army Special Forces (RET) and CEO of Green Ops Inc.

“In this book, Matt has distilled thirty plus years of government service into six books/147 chapters/439 pages. If you notice it resembles The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War, then you are already on your way to understanding why and how this book is written. I recommend this book to all who are looking to improve, but are not sure where to start, or to those who are already training, and seeking to get better. Matt has taken the guesswork out of developing training, the gear you need to be efficient in your training, and how to be deliberate about your practice. By following these guidelines, you will reach your goals sooner in your training, allowing you to be more effective for a lifetime of service.”

-Joe Frescura, US Army Special Forces (RET)

“It is hard to condense this book down into a review. When I was reading it, I found myself asking the this a book about:

-Building shooting skill?

-Sound tactics?

-Cultivating mindset?

-A healthy lifestyle and strong physical fitness?

-Developing leadership traits and skills?

The answer is that it is ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

Talk is cheap, and people give lip service to the idea of being well-rounded especially in the self-defense and fighting disciplines. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR HOW TO BECOME A WELL-ROUNDED WARRIOR.

And it's filled with examples and lessons directly from Matt's extraordinary life from his youth as a top nationally-ranked martial artist, to his career as a retired US Army Green Beret and big-city SWAT cop that spent his entire career fighting bad guys on the streets of Chicago and overseas in Afghanistan. He also happens to be a really good competitive shooter. He sees all sides of the various disciplines that are often at odds with one another.”

-Riley Bowman, USPSA Colorado State Champion and nationally recognized firearms instructor