Adjunct Instructors

Our adjunct instructors are drawn from current and former law enforcement and military special operations personnel, and will be selected based on the class being taught as well as the target audience. For specialty classes and custom training requests, SME instructors will be brought in as needed. For our normal training catalogue, we have a staff of adjunct instructors qualified to teach our curriculum.


Brian Quick has been a full time LEO since 1999, during his career he has worked patrol, K9, special investigations, training as firearms coordinator and range master, and traffic. Brian has been a member of the departments SWAT team starting in 2003 and has served as entry, breacher, sniper, ATL and is currently the Team Leader. He has served as a Regional Director for a Texas training association, and has been associated with several large organizations in product development with testing and design. Brian has had an opportunity to learn from some of the best firearms instructors in the industry and has spent countless hours developing training material. He enjoys shooting sports such as USPSA, IDPA, and Multi-gun.      


Vince Jamison is a retired Chicago Police Officer and former US Army Ranger, who has also seen combat in Afghanistan as a government contractor. As a police officer, Vince worked in patrol, organized crime, and as a firearms instructor. He was instrumental in getting carbines approved for patrol use, and developing the carbine course curriculum for the department. Vince also spearheaded getting pistol RDS approved for duty use and helped develop the requirements and training for that initiative as well. He has trained with many of the industry’s top instructors, and is an avid action shooting sports competitor.


David Klaus is a retired US Army Special Forces medic and team sergeant with extensive combat experience who is now the medic on a full time State Police SWAT team. He has graduated from numerous military and law enforcement training courses including Ranger School and the Special Forces Medical Sergeant Qualification Course. He has instructed in the tactical and medical capacity in both his Special Forces and law enforcement careers, as well as participating in numerous real-world operations in both roles.