Dry Fire Practice

Dry Fire Practice

Posted by Matt Little on 26th Aug 2022

“Practice like you've never won.” - Michael Jordan

Dry fire is of necessity where the bulk of your training repetitions should occur. It is simply impossible to match the volume or frequency possible through dry practice with your live fire practice. And even if you could do that amount of live fire, I honestly believe it would still be more productive to do the bulk of your training dry rather than live. Some skills, such as draws and reloads, I isolate exclusively in dry fire, and only occasionally verify in live fire.

You can translate any live fire drill into a dry fire drill. With sufficient live fire experience, even drills focusing on recoil management like “doubles” or bill drills can be productively practiced in dry fire. You can isolate trigger control, grip, weapons manipulations, transitions, movement, and more. You can in many cases focus your isolation even tighter in dry fire than you can in live fire. You can eliminate the trigger press when doing draws, reloads, and transitions and work just to the sight picture.

Isolation work tends to be most people’s primary focus in dry fire, but dry practice lends itself just as well to combination drills, up to and including mini stages. You’re limited only by your space and your creativity.

The same aspect of dry fire that is the most crucial, being truly and ruthlessly honest with yourself about what you see in your sights on each repetition, is also this type of training’s greatest strength. Because there is no recoil, you can much more easily see any extraneous movement in the sights and learn to correct your errors more quickly than in live fire training.

With dry fire, daily practice is easily achievable. Frequent practice sessions have been proven to be one of the keys to mastery in any field of endeavor, and for shooting this is only possible with a properly constructed and implemented dry practice regimen. Put an unloaded gun in your hand every day, and see how rapidly your skill improves.