Improvement Season

Improvement Season

Posted by Matt Little on 2nd Nov 2023

“Physician, heal thyself.” - Luke 4:23

In my entire adult life I’ve never really had an off-season, at least one not forced on me by injury or circumstance. Now that I am (semi) retired, I still haven’t allowed myself one, probably out of habit more than anything. This is especially ironic since my business is coaching and instructing, and I would never counsel a client to skip the off season.

Maybe I’m finally getting wiser in my old age, or maybe it’s the influence of my wife, Angela, who is far more sensible than me, but after a poor showing at a recent match I realized I was feeling a bit of burnout. This, combined with no major matches anytime soon, has made me understand that I need an off-season.

But an off-season, despite my reluctance, isn’t a negative. I like the term bodybuilders use, “Improvement Season.” The off-season is going to be a time for me to sharpen fundamentals, heal injuries, rebuild fitness and break new ground. I’m going to use this improvement season wisely. And when it’s done, I will reap the benefits.

An off-season isn’t something to avoid, as I stubbornly have. The process is the point, the journey is the destination, and this is all part of that journey, no less than major matches or military deployments. Embrace your improvement seasons as much as you embrace your peak moments, and you too will reap the benefits.