Hosting a Class

Requirements for hosting with GreyBeard Actual.


If you would like to host an open enrollment class in your area, please contact us. There are a few basic requirements for most open enrollment classes, although CQB and tactics are more venue driven. There is a 10 person minimum class size for open enrollment classes, although private and semi-private training is available on request. Maximum class size is venue and request driven, assistant instructors will be brought in dependent on number of students to ensure the best possible student to instructor ratio for quality learning. the host will receive a free slot in the class in exch for their efforts in organizing and promoting it. Classes don’t go unless we have the support of the host promoting the class!  Please tag us in anything you post so we can share. When possible please include website address so they know where to get more info and register.For venue and equipment requirements and to begin the process, please contact Angela at

For agency training, and to host LE/MIL only restricted enrollment classes, contact Matt at and we will construct a training package tailored specifically to your needs.