Matt Little is basically the end-state of a government experiment wherein a man, gifted as a critical thinker, is placed in dangerous high-pressure situations both abroad (U.S. Special Forces, and WPS) and at home (Chicago Police SWAT) throughout the entirety of his adult life. He has given all of himself to his country and his community. Now he is on a mission to prepare the next generation of fighters, enforcers, and protectors. Do not miss an opportunity to learn his lessons.... Seriously.


-McKinley Johnson, US Army Special Operations combat veteran and founder, Pramantha Risk Management


Matt is one of the most dedicated people I've ever known in working to improve his performance with firearms.  You would also be hard pressed to find anyone with a higher degree of technical skill who has also seen the "real life" action that he has.


-Robert Vogel, Firearms instructor, former SWAT officer, and the only law enforcement officer ever to win world and national championships in the practical pistol disciplines of USPSA and IPSC.


In the time I have known Matt Little, I have been amazed by his work ethic, improvement, and commitment to his craft. Rarely do you have a person that checks all the boxes. Matt’s vast experience in the Military, Law Enforcement, Combatives/Martial Arts, and Competition undoubtedly lends to his ability to teach to a wide variety of students. Most importantly, however, is Matt’s humble attitude. Forever the student, Matt’s never ending quest to improve is an invaluable asset for his students. Train with him with full confidence that you will get better.


-Scott Jedlinski, Firearms Instructor and founder, Modern Samurai Project


Matt is a dedicated and passionate operator and instructor who is extremely committed to his craft. As one of his former commanders, I can attest that in training with Matt you will not find another instructor who can better meld skill improvement and resourcing. As a military and law enforcement professional, Matt had to take the knowledge and training he has acquired over a career and distill it into a system that allowed him to improve while still balancing a full time job and fatherhood. Whether you are an individual looking to improve their shooting skill for personal defense or competition, or a gun carrying professional looking to increase their weapons system proficiency, you WILL improve if you train with Matt. 


-Former Company Commander,  US Army Special Forces


I first met Matthew Little over 20 years ago while we were both working for the Chicago Police Department. Matt and I were also both assigned to the 20th Special Forces Group. At the time Matt was already known as a solid operator within the Special Forces and Police communities . I eventually became Matt’s Team Sergeant in combat. Noticed for his leadership abilities, Matt led cells of team and host nation forces during combat operations. He quickly became my most trusted “go to guy” requiring no supervision or oversight. Matt served as a mentor to the junior members of the team, and excelled in training team members and host nation soldiers.

In my final assignment in Special Forces, I, along with our Team Commander and Matt, were assigned to run the Readiness Assessment Team. We selected and trained service members from across the armed forces for the Special Forces Selection and Qualification Courses. Our extremely high success rate was in no small part due to Matt’s dedication and excellence as a trainer and mentor. He exemplifies the Special Forces standard of excellence in all he does.

If you train with Matt, you’ll receive the lessons of a gifted instructor with a depth and breadth of combined military and police experience that is truly exceptional.


-Master Sergeant Raymond Rau Jr, Special Forces Operational Sergeant 18Z (Retired) and Chicago Police Officer (Retired)


Matt Little's considerable range of operational experience in Special Operations, and his extensive experience in a major US city law enforcement agency SWAT Team, in itself makes him a subject matter expert. Combine that with his life-long training in martial arts and pistol and rifle marksmanship, and you have a training resource that is second to none. His scientific approach to teaching is very effective at helping his students reach new levels of skill.


- Sergeant Mike Nowacki, Chicago Police Department SWAT Team supervisor and US Army combat veteran


Matt’s experience in U.S. Special Forces and as a team leader and training coordinator on Chicago P.D. SWAT made him the perfect choice to update our SWAT team’s CQB tactics.  He was able to take SOF TTPs and hard lessons learned from America’s elite Soldiers since 9/11 and apply them to domestic law enforcement.  Matt not only taught us the X’s and O’s of dynamic CQB, he gave us a guiding set of principles that, when applied correctly, will solve even the most complex tactical problems a team can face in a structure.  This is truly invaluable when taken in context that the best laid plans often fall apart when opposed by a determined adversary.  Matt helped our team develop our own SOPs based off of our capabilities.  He also taught us how to train and improve upon what we learned in our week long course.  I can truly say that one week with Matt was the best training I’ve ever experienced in my time as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army or as a SWAT operator.


- Officer Christopher Murray, Milford CT SWAT team member and US Army combat veteran