Pistol Skill Development

Pistol Skill Development

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This two-day course focuses on how to optimally train marksmanship at speed with a pistol. This course is not about tactics, although tactical application of all techniques taught will be discussed, but instead is about skill with the firearm. Your skill at shooting drives your tactics, and the ability to make a shot with precision, rapidly, and under pressure, is of paramount importance. Our goal is for every student to finish this class with a deeper understanding of how to construct their personal training in order to improve as efficiently as possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamental principles of marksmanship at speed
  • Efficiency and consistency of weapons manipulation at speed
  • Movement principles for application of shooting technique
  • Technical efficiency and individual optimization of technique
  • Isolation of skills and training methodology for improvement
  • Technical experimentation in training
  • Complex drills for training skills in aggregate
  • Maximizing performance under pressure
  • Creating a feedback loop for maximizing efficiency of training 

Course Prerequisites 

  • Good health and a fitness level sufficient for strenuous physical activity. All our classes incorporate vigorous athletic movement.
  • All our classes require safe weapons handling at an unconsciously competent level of skill. This includes drawing from a holster, reholstering, reloads, and weapons safety during dynamic movement and under physical and mental stress. Flagrant or negligent unsafe actions will result in removal from a class without refund.

Equipment Requirements

  • Serviceable pistol of 9mm or larger caliber, minimum 3 magazines (6 for single stack guns), belt, holster and at a minimum two mag pouches capable of retaining weapon and magazines during strenuous movement. Minimum 1,000 rounds of ammunition, although more is recommended. Eye/ear protection for range. No Serpa holsters or soft nylon/leather holsters permitted in class.

Student Information

  • We send out two student emails for every class. You will receive one email approximately two weeks before the class date containing waivers, student information, range location, and amount of range fees where applicable. Please complete the waiver in a timely fashion, this helps us greatly for the class. You’ll receive a follow-up email the week of the class. If you don’t receive the first email, please check your spam folder. The emails will come from

36 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Class

    Posted by Jon on 22nd Mar 2024

    Awesome class that didn't focus solely on shooting but, also how to train to improve your skills! Go to the class and buy the book, you won't be disappointed!

  • 5
    Two day skills development

    Posted by Michael Coan on 19th Mar 2024

    After taking pistol/ carbine last year it was obvious that I needed to work on my pistol skills. I thought this would be a helpful class and I was right. Focusing on diagnostics and building skills through isolation drills was a large part of the first day. The second day was more complex with combined skills. Great class!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Ron Flowers on 19th Jan 2024

    I had heard of Matt and the quality of his training from several experienced shooters and other trainers I trusted.

    As a retired law enforcement officer and former DoD contractor to OEF, I had already been fortunate enough to have trained with a lot of high-level shooters, instructors, and coaches, from law enforcement, military and competitive worlds. And I have been a national trainer of police since 2007, and civilians since 2016.

    I found Matt to be a solid communicator, and a talented and skilled shooter. He is an excellent coach and was good at putting his teaching points in context for both competition and tactical minded shooters.

    He frequent references to, and thorough summation of, building a better, more comprehensive training plan for yourself or for one’s students was everything I hoped for, and the main reason I signed up for this class.

    The entire class was enhanced by his wife and business manager, Angela, who had everything organized to run seamlessly, and was an excellent shooter who showed what implementation of Greybeard Actual’s training principles can do for developing one’s skillset.

    I look forward to training with him again.

  • 5
    Outstanding Teacher and Class

    Posted by Aaron R. on 16th Jan 2024

    Matt is one of the best instructors I've ever had. His class is well organized and his instruction is concise and clear. He has a real talent for making small corrections that lead to big improvements, and he offers guidance in a very encouraging manner. Really a great guy.
    The class itself was a blast, with a wide variety of drills and exercises. I especially liked the drills that brought in a cognitive component. Very enlightening!
    All in all, very highly recommended!

  • 5
    Pistol Skill Development

    Posted by Dan S on 4th Oct 2023

    This was my first time taking this course, and it did not disappoint. I walked away with the knowledge and insight on how to improve my shooting objectively. Matt and Angela are not only great instructors but also take the time to understand and invest in your goals. Time well spent.

  • 5

    Posted by Lynn Pozehl on 4th Oct 2023

    This is the second time I have taken this class. Learned tons both times. There is a big difference between training and practice. Training teaches you what and how to practice. This class is the training everyone needs. On top of all that Matt and Angela are just great people who really care about people and helping them get better. The facilities at 88 Tactical just made everything better. Cant wait to train with them again.

  • 5
    Second to None. Money Well Spent!

    Posted by Nick Schillaci on 26th Mar 2023

    Law Enforcement Professional of 4 ½ years here.

    Since graduating the academy and hitting the street, I’ve sought out professional development in both hard and soft skills, one of which being marksmanship with the particular piece of hardware that I carry.

    I have attended courses and received instruction from multiple other reputable companies/instructors in Illinois. When it comes to pistol skill development, my opinion is this course is second to none.

    Matt’s training methodology, as iterated in his book, has bridged a gap for me and will guide me to the next level/ or to the highest level I wish to achieve. Matt’s approach to training is as good as Gold!

    Attending the class, partaking in, and observing Matt’s method in application was a privilege that has brought more confidence to my game. Money well spent! I enjoyed the instruction!

  • 5
    Pistol Skill Development

    Posted by Pete G. on 19th Mar 2023

    This was my second time taking this class and my first of this training year. Matt & Angela always put in the effort to make sure you leave with as much of an improvement as you're willing to work. I always enjoy the high round count since you get more time to develop the skills that you're being taught.

  • 5
    Pistol Skills Development - Alpha Range, IL 3/11-12

    Posted by Carmine Mattozzi - ACDefenseCo on 16th Mar 2023

    This class was A++.
    Matt is great guy, & great instructor.
    You should take this class:
    Even if you considered your self to be a good shooter.
    Even if your already a competitor.
    Even if your an instructor.
    This is a must take class if you want to improve your skills & your mindset about how you tackle that self improvement, whether its in this industry or another.
    I'm signed up for as many years as Matt will come to Chicago (and then I'll probably travel, lol).