Concealed Pistol Applications - On Site Lodging Available

Concealed Pistol Applications - On Site Lodging Available

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The GreyBeard Actual Concealed Pistol Applications Course, at 88 Tactical, Tekamah, NE, September 28-29, 2024 offers a rare opportunity with available on site lodging, complete with a bonfire on Saturday night! Contact information to secure your on site lodging will be provided upon registration for the course*. If you have any questions before registering, email Angela HERE

*Registration does NOT include or secure lodging.  

Lodging info: 

  • Non-members 65.00/night/person.  Available for both Friday and Saturday nights. 9 sets of bunks in an open bay format.  Individual cabin available for women only. 
  • One bathroom with 4 shower stalls and three toilets.
  • Bring sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and shower supplies. 
  • Full kitchen and grills onsite. Bring all food and beverages you will need for the weekend. 
  • Bonfire held Saturday night. 

More on this training site here:

This two-day live-fire course covers the application of pistol skill from concealment in an armed confrontation. The focus will be on employing your concealed firearm and applying your shooting under stress and in conflict. Your skill at shooting drives your tactics, but there is more to fighting with a firearm than pure shooting skill. Our goal is for every student to leave this course with a deeper understanding of how to apply their hard earned shooting skill from concealment in a fighting context.

Topics Covered:

  • Application of skill vs development of skill
  • Practical application of marksmanship
  • Psychology of gunfighting
  • Employing your firearm from concealment
  • Use of movement
  • Use of cover
  • Consistent application of shooting skill under stress
  • Live fire scenarios 

Course Prerequisites 

  • Good health and a fitness level sufficient for strenuous physical activity. All our classes incorporate vigorous athletic movement. 
  • All our classes require safe weapons handling at an unconsciously competent level of skill. This includes drawing from a holster, reholstering, reloads, and weapons safety during dynamic movement and under physical and mental stress. Flagrant or negligent unsafe actions will result in removal from a class without refund.
  • This class, and all of our open enrollment tactics classes require at least one of the following prerequisites: 
    • Completion of our Pistol, Carbine, or Pistol/Carbine Skill Development courses, or an equivalent course from a reputable instructor.
    • A minimum C classification in USPSA or Expert in IDPA
    • Completion of a certified Law Enforcement training academy or military special operations pipeline

Equipment Requirements

  • Serviceable pistol of 9mm or larger caliber, minimum 3 magazines (6 for single stack guns), belt, holster and at a minimum two mag pouches capable of retaining weapon and magazines during strenuous movement. AIWB, IWB, and OWB holsters acceptable. We encourage students to use what they carry with.  Minimum 500 rounds of ammunition, although more is recommended. Eye/ear protection for range. No Serpa holsters or soft nylon/leather holsters permitted in class.

Student Information

  • We send out two student emails for every class. You will receive one email approximately two weeks before the class date containing waivers, student information, range location, and amount of range fees where applicable. Please complete the waiver in a timely fashion, this helps us greatly for the class. You’ll receive a follow-up email the week of the class. If you don’t receive the first email, please check your spam folder. The emails will come from