Pistol Fundamentals  - Women Only

Pistol Fundamentals - Women Only

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Taught by Angela, our COO and one of our staff instructors, this women's only one-day course gives a concise overview on fundamental pistol technique. This is not a tactics class, it is a course on developing a foundational level of applicable shooting skill. 

Topics Covered:

  • firearms orientation
  • firearms safety
  • fundamentals of marksmanship - stance, grip, sight alignment and picture, trigger press
  • Weapon manipulations - draw, reloads, reholstering
  • recoil mitigation
  • target transitions

Equipment Requirements

  • Serviceable pistol of 9mm or larger caliber, minimum 3 magazines (6 for single stack guns), belt, holster and at a minimum two mag pouches capable of retaining weapon and magazines during strenuous movement. Minimum 300 rounds of ammunition, although more is recommended. Eye/ear protection for range. No Serpa holsters or soft nylon/leather holsters permitted in class.

Student Information

  • We send out two student emails for every class. You will receive one email approximately two weeks before the class date containing waivers, student information, range location, and amount of range fees where applicable. Please complete the waiver in a timely fashion, this helps us greatly for the class. You’ll receive a follow-up email the week of the class. If you don’t receive the first email, please check your spam folder. The emails will come from